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Lover of Bacon, Gin & Pinteresting

Mom of two kids under 7, wife to an awesome guy, safari travel planner based in Cape Town. That's about as earth shattering as it gets.


I love to try new things that interest me, usually involving cooking and crafting of some sort. Most of my inspiration comes from Pinterest, although the methods are created by hours and hours of scouring pages all over the interwebs. 

Ultimately I've walked the trial and error path so you don't have to, overspending on craft supplies and simplifying recipes to make it easier for anyone to try.

I am no expert, though. Just a mom doing mom things, and occasionally stumbling across some gems that I think should be shared. 

Truth be told I forget a lot of what I've tried or found myself, so this is a little bit of a personal journal as well.


Panos Field 01.jpg


Follow me on Instagram @laaboutin

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