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Chili Chopper

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

This is two-folder : a gadget and a quick recipe for an awesome chili mix

We'll start with the recipe first, which I stole from Jaci. Jaci is the owner of the incredible Jaci's Lodges in Madikwe, and is as vibrant as her lodge. And as spicy. One of her inventions is this chili mix, which guests are invited to make up at their tables at her lodge.

You will need :

About a big handful of Green Chilis

2 cloves Garlic

Juice of a Lemon

A good pinch of Flaky salt

Olive Oil

There are no set amounts, as this goes by feel according to your taste. Choose the Chili type with a strength that suits you; wash them, top and tail them and chop finely.

Mince and add as much garlic as you feel you can stand and squeeze over as much lemon as you'd like. Top with a hearty pinch of flaky salt and pour over olive oil. Mix it all together and save in a jar to have with everything!

Now on to my favourite bit...

I had been using a mezzaluna chopper for years. This is a curved blade with a handle on each end, and is used for chopping. An arduous & messy process.

One fateful night I am introduced to The Twista Chopper, from Verimark. Much skeptism ensues, because it's a Verimark product.

This little thing has now become one of my favourite tools in my kitchen, from chopping chilies to finely chopped nuts. Especially making a mirepoix for stew bases and indeed any other veggies I want to hide in my kids meals. It's a versatile little thing that will not break the bank, and makes an awesome gift for any home cook.

I found mine in online at Takealot, and subsequent gifts for friends at Pick n Pay

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